The Github integration allows you to link your Specify and your Github repositories. Every changes detected in your Specify repository will create a pull request in your Github repository.

How to install the Github app:

  1. Go to the "Apps" page and select "Destinations"

  2. Select Github

  3. Click on "Connect"

  4. Select the repositories Specify will have access to

  5. Your Specify and Github repositories are now connected

What to do once our Specify and Github repositories are connected?

Specify has to know what design tokens to synchronize and how:

  1. Create a .specifyrc.json config file at the root of your Github repository

  2. Fill it with a config tailored for your needs

Check how to configure Specify in our documentation.

Once differences are detected between your Specify and Github repositories, Specify will automatically create a Pull Request.

Check our video tutorial to help you get started with the Github integration:

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