Why transforming design data in the first place?

Extracting your design decisions inside Specify is only building the first half of the bridge closing the gap between designers and developers. Why? Because developers need to get design decisions tailored for their needs.

When pulling your design data from Specify, developers want to stay in control. An Android developer uses colors in HEX8 whereas a web developer might want to use HSL. Every project has its own technical requirements. This is why Specify helps you transforming its design data so that it's compatible with your project.

Our solution: parsers

Parsers are functions allowing you to transform design tokens and assets coming from Specify to fit your needs and company standards.

For instance, here is an example of the to-css-custom-properties parser used to transform colors from JSON into CSS variables in the HSL format:

As every organization is different, the amount of parsers our industry needs is tremendous. Who, other than the open source community is more suited to create parsers. This is why all the parsers Specify provides are open source.

👉 Learn more about parsers in our documentation.

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