The issue

When creating a source to collect any type of design data from Figma, you may end up with the following issue: "Connection failed: We couldn't detect any design token in this Figma document."

It means Specify was not able to detect any design tokens or assets in the Figma document you're connecting as a Source.

Use case #1: You want to collect design data coming from your Figma document's local styles

It means you are trying to collect one of the following Specify design data types:

  • color

  • shadow

  • gradient

  • text style

  • vector

  • bitmaps

👉 Please check your Figma library containing your design data has been published

Use case #2: You want to collect design data coming from a Figma frame

Specify lets you create any type of design data inside frames. However, for performance reasons, Specify won't look too deep in your frame layer levels.

Specify only detect design data located at the 1st level of your frames.

Two ways of managing a Figma document's layers. So that Specify can access design tokens in your layers, they must be in the the first level. Grouped layers cannot be currently accessed by Specify.

👉 Please check the design data you want Specify to collect is at the first level of your frame.

💡 Tip: feel free to duplicate our ready to use Figma Example File to easily collect all types of design data Specify is compatible with.

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