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Store design data in Repositories
What type of repository do I need?
What type of repository do I need?

This will help you know which kind of repository you will need to collect design tokens within Specify.

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As we are currently working on a new format of design tokens, we have two different kinds of repositories.

Sync from Figma Styles

This is the legacy repository. You will be able to synchronize your design tokens from Figma local styles, frames, pages, or documents with this.

  • This is compatible with all of our parsers ↗︎ as an output.

  • Aliases, modes, and collections are not compatible with this version

👉 Check out this article ↗︎ to know when to use local styles, frames, or local variables in Figma as design tokens.

Sync from Figma Variables & Tokens Studio Beta

This is our new version that is suitable with our new Specify Design Token Format. Our format is compatible with the DTCG format, Tokens Studio, and Figma variables.

  • Aliases, modes, and collections are available in this version.

  • Collect your design tokens from Figma Variables and any JSON hosted with the Tokens Studio format.

  • Check the list of the new parsers existing for this version in our documentation ↗︎

  • Discover our new token table inside Specify that lets you see your aliases and modes.

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