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Troubleshooting: current limitations
Troubleshooting: current limitations

See existing limitations and understand why you might not be able to sync your Figma Styles and Variables from Figma to Specify.

Updated over a week ago

Figma Styles

  • Description applied on color styles which are mapped to variables that have several modes will not be synced

  • Figma Style names containing a . won't be synced and will break the whole sync of your data to Specify

  • Effect Styles using variables only have one Mode: default. Specify doesn't retrieve for now the Modes associated with the variable.

Figma Variables

Naming of collections

  • If you want to synchronize both Variables and Styles together, you should not name your Variables collections similar to the Styles groups Specify will create. Meaning you cannot name your collections:

    • Color Styles

    • Effect Styles

    • Text Styles

  • You cannot have two Collections from Figma variables with the same name in the same Specify repository, whether it's from the same file or another one.

Duplicated Path

If one of your sources has the following error: DUPLICATED_PATH, this means you have at least one Figma Variable and one group with the same name at the same level in a collection.

For example, the variable text (number 1️⃣ ) is at the same level as the group text (number 2️⃣). This will result in an error in the Specify Design Token Format (SDTF). The SDTF is based on JSON and JSON doesn't accept 2 properties with the same name at the same level.

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