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How to collect Vectors from Figma to Specify
How to collect Vectors from Figma to Specify

Learn how to define and collect Vectors tokens from Figma to Specify

Updated over a week ago

Vector assets are officially supported by Figma.

We recommend you to define them in a shareable Figma library.

You can define your vectors as:

  • traditional layers in Figma

  • as components with variants

However you define them, you must to set your vectors or their individual variants as exportable so Specify can collect them.

Vectors defined as layers

Your vectors will be named after the name of their respective layer.

Vectors defined as components

ℹ️ If your vector components have variants, you must set their variants as exportable instead of the icon component itself.

Your vectors will be named after:

  1. The name of their respective component

  2. The name of their potential variants in the same order they are defined in Figma

A vector created as a Figma component with variants will generate a vector in Specify named with those variants.


To import vectors from Figma to Specify you must have:

  1. Connected Figma to Specify as a source

  2. A repository that will contain your vectors

Importing vectors from Figma to Specify is done by adding a new source:

  1. Create a new asset category

  2. Select “Vector” as the type of asset

  3. Choose your Figma account containing the Figma file you want to connect

  4. Set the URL of your Figma file containing your vectors

  5. Select where your vectors are stored inside your Figma file

  6. Choose if your source will be automatically synchronized by Specify

  7. Check if your vectors are correctly detected by Specify

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