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Collect vectors (SVGs)

Here are some guidelines on how to collect vectors from Figma to Specify.

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Before getting started

To get the most out of this guide, you will need:

ℹ️ Make sure only the vectors you want to collect are exportable in the frame, page, or file you are selecting.

1. Create a Source

  • Click on Create source

  • And select Vectors

2. Select where you are collecting your vectors from.

You can choose to collect your vectors from:

  • A specific frame

  • A specific page

  • A whole Figma file (not recommended)

⚠️ We do not keep the information about all the parent frames or pages of the frame you are asking to export.

Specify will only collect the exportable SVG frames (the vectors) from where you choose to collect from. So we recommend syncing from a Frame as you will lose all sense of hierarchy if you sync from above.

You can also add / in your Frame or Page name to re-create the architecture you need in the output. They will be transformed into Groups in our SDTF and in the end, in folders for your output.


Collecting from a Figma frame

Collecting from a Figma frame

Collecting from a Figma page

Collecting from a Figma page

Collecting from a Figma file

Note that as you are collecting from a whole file, Specify creates a Vectors folder to put your SVGs in your repository.

3. Select your repository

Select the Specify repository you want your Icons to be in. You can select a repository you already used to connect Sources with variables or styles for example.

4. Check the source in the Specify interface.

You can now see your vectors inside your repository in Specify.

5. Distribute your vectors

All that is left to do is to distribute your vectors to your Destination(s). Learn how to use our parsers linked to vectors here ↗︎



Why am I not seeing my icons/vectors in Specify?

  • Have you checked if your vectors are exportable and in SVG?

  • Are your icons inside the frame or page you selected when creating the source?

How should I name my icons?

  • If you want to sort your icons into different folders, you can add as many slashes / as you want in the icon names you are exporting. Specify will transform that into folders when distributing icons.

  • Otherwise, you can create a frame with your icons inside of them and select this frame to synchronize. Your icons will only

I have an error while uploading my icons

  • The failing of upload often happens when either the set of icons is too big or one SVG is individually too big. Each SVG is limited to 500ko. If you need more, feel free to contact us.

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