What are Destinations?

Learn how to distribute and make the most out of your design tokens and assets for everyone in your team.

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Several applications connected to a Design API as destinations.

In opposition to Sources, destinations are environments consuming your design tokens and assets.

Think of Destinations as the way to expose and make your design data useful for everyone in your team.

Some examples:

  • Slack: to let everyone know when design tokens and assets have been updated

  • A git repository: to automate the update of your design data in your codebases

  • A Figma plugin: to help your designers use the latest design data available

  • A Notion database: to have your design system documentation always up-to-date

  • A Dropbox folder: to store and centralize all your assets already converted and optimized

Possibilities offered by a Design API like Specify

Here are all the Destinations you can currently connect to Specify natively:

💡 Check our public roadmap and let us know what app should be available next in Specify: specify.canny.io/app-requests.

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