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What is Specify?
Installing applications to Specify
Installing applications to Specify
This article helps you installing apps from the Specify apps catalog.
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The apps catalog lists all of the apps compatible with Specify. Some apps can be used as a source and others as a destination.

How to connect an app:

  1. Go to the "Apps" page

  2. Click the "Connect app" button

  3. Select an app from the apps catalog

  4. Follow the potential login in process

You will be redirected to the "Apps" page showing you all the apps linked to your personal account.

The flow to connect an app from the Specify apps catalog.

To disconnect an app:
1. Click on the "View details" link in the list
2. Click on the "Delete connection" button in the app page

3. Confirm the deletion by clicking on the "Delete it anyway" in the confirmation modal

If you feel like an app is missing and can be useful, feel free to send us a request.

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