How to use Raycast as a destination

Learn how Specify and Raycast work together

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Our Raycast extension helps you search your design tokens and assets and use them in your favorite tools: Notion pages, Pitch presentations, Slack discussions, etc.

We currently support colors, vectors, and bitmaps but plan to support all design tokens and assets compatible with Specify.

Let's see how to use our Raycast extension πŸ‘‡


Please make sure you already have:

Setup our Raycast extension

  1. If not already downloaded, download & install Raycast

  2. Paste your Personal Access Token

How to use our Raycast extension

  1. Hit your Raycast shortcut and type Specify

  2. Choose the desired command: Search Colors, Search Bitmaps or Search Vectors

  3. Browse the available tokens and see details for all of them

  4. Copy the corresponding values or the token name

  5. Paste it into your favorite tool!

About Search Vectors

Only .svg files currently work with this command, .pdf files are not currently supported for technical reasons. Also, we had to add pagination to this command which you can find by typing cmd + K to access the Action Panel.

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